Game against SACS III
16:th of May

Our first loss!
Royals – 145 vs. SACS III – 178

Our great team´s first setback! We lost it mostly to the bad show in the fielding and bowling department. While batting we tried to put a decent score thanks to Rohid Sarna for a fantastic half century! I would say this is a learning experience for us all. Indeed we don´t know the strengths and weaknesses of each other, which is very essential in a game played as a team! The coordination and understanding will develop once we play more together.


Team pictures!

We had the great pleasure to have the photographer Magnus Fond attending the game to take team pictures for the web as well as profile pictures of all the players!

These are some of the fantastic pictures we got!

(more to come)



Player of the Game!

Congratulations Rupesh Mastry to the player of the game!

Batting Stats – 41 runs
Bowling Stats – 2 wickets


Some pictures from the game at Husby IP

Victory in the first game!

We won our first game in Div II (T20) against ANFF from Eskilstuna.
Final result 125 vs 108.


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StayAt Royals is a Cricket team in division 3 of the Swedish Cricket League, and this is our blog.
Our team members are in Sweden to work. Mainly as consultants from areas in the world where Cricket is a big thing. We´d really want you to think so too! Maybe we can make you come to a game? To us it is a way to stay in touch with home, to you it might be a new experience.
StayAt Royals is a joint venture between us and the company StayAt who support the team and the league with team gear and things needed to play our national sport.
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